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Isle of Harris Wedding 

Matilda and A.J. - 6 July 2018

Leaving Stornoway, a lovely aroma of fresh flowers was keeping my nostrils dancing as I drove up the Clisham. Checking the time, I knew I had better press on rather than pull over to take photos of the panoramic views from the top of that majestic hill because I had promised to take the wedding flowers from Anderson Road Nurseries and deliver them to Tarbert before heading to the bride's house in Leverburgh.

Having dropped them off, it was the last leg of my outward journey to the groom's house in Strond where I was welcomed by his lovely parents, family and friends. This was going to be some wedding. The transport that been arranged by the groomsmen to take them to Scarista Church of Scotland was two large  tractors. Now that's what I call travelling in Hebridean  style.

After the service, we headed to Horgabost for a wedding party photo shoot on the machair. Someone up there smiled over West Harris that day as the sun broke through the clouds enhancing the glorious views,  across to Taransay, and  the white sandy beaches of Seilebost and Luskentyre.  Leaving the tractors in Northton, we headed north for another photo shoot then on to Tarbert for the reception and a very lively dance at the village Community Centre.

What a friendly fun-filled day that was. Not being able to drag myself away, I stayed until midnight. Then the long drive back to Lewis. As I headed  up the Clisham, the drive became spookily magical as the mist rolled in.  Poor visibility slowed me down until the mist cleared before reaching Balallan.   I finally got to bed at 2.30am, setting the alarm for 6am to give myself time to get ready for the next wedding. 

Anderson Road Nurseries

Tarbert Community Centre

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